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Who We Are

Anum Media is a media vehicle that believes in the power of information. To us, information is not merely cataloging what is happening around the world or publishing run of the mill stories on mediocre events; information is knowledge. In the current technologically well connected era, information is a powerful social tool that can make or break governments, impact economies and human thought and change the world as we know it for the better. We at Anum Media firmly believe in the potential of information and that it deserves to be shared in order to have a positive influence on society and human beings .


Our vision is to be a pioneering media vehicle that believes in sharing the most objective, thoughtful analysis of news taking into account public interest, while steering clear from sectarian interests. We aim to be an organization that provides insight into news, both at a micro and macro level.

What We Do

As a publication house, our aim is to provide readers with news that has value, and stories that will influence people to think about the problems that society faces. We uncover stories that have been forgotten by the larger media giants, or rather, stories that have been decidedly ignored by the mainstream media for various political or personal reasons. Through our publications we endeavor to bring to light incidents that matter to people and that will make a difference in the world.