Pune petrol dealers oppose no-helmet, no petrol decision


Pune.  An Opposing the Maharashtra Government’s decision to disallow sale of petrol to the two-wheeler drivers who are not wearing the helmet, Poona Petrol Dealers Association on Thursday said it would cause “tremendous inconvenience”.

“It is going to cause tremendous inconvenience to citizens of Pune and petroleum dealers….Pune city has the highest population of two-wheelers in India and due to lack of good public transport it is humanly not possible for handful of dealers to manage this huge population of two-wheelers,” said the association, in a release late this evening of Thursday.

Since people fill the petrol only once a week on an average, this measure would not ensure that they would wear the helmet all the time, it said.

It is the police who should enforce the compulsory helmet rule, it added.

Calling the decision impractical, the association’s spokesperson Ali Daruwala said if the Government continued in the same vein, it may even disallow sale of petrol to those who don’t possess a pollution-under-control certificate or driving license.